This element allows you to search for a location. If it finds what you're searching for, the map will centre on the matching location. You can enter several different types of things to find a location. For example, all of the things below are valid location searches:

Temporal Filter

This element will allow you to refine your search with temporal parameters. You can enter a start time and end time, and the interface will search for flight data that was recorded within that period. If you aren't sure when the data started (or ended), you can leave the start or end field empty.

To help you see the distribution of data over time, there is a convenient histogram underneath the start and end time box. A larger bar means that more data files were recorded within that time period. Note that the histogram displays counts for all flights, and is not modified by selecting geographical or variable filters.

This element will allow you to search for any distinct keyword in the metadata of each flight's data file. This includes being able to search for:

Variable Filter

This element will show you the most common variable names within the dataset, ranking each one by frequency of occurrence. For example, in the eufar dataset, the most common variable name is air_pressure - with the largest number of files recording that variable name. Clicking one of these variable names in the left hand panel will restrict your search to only files that contain that variable name.

Include Photography

Some datasets include high-resolution GeoTIFF photograph images as a supplementary feature. Tick this checkbox to include photograph images in your search criteria. If there is any photography in a given area, you will see a small cluster of camera icons to denote photographs.

Apply Filters and Clear Filters

These buttons simply apply any search criteria you may have entered. For example, if you have supplied a date range and a keyword, clicking "Apply Filters" will apply these criteria to your search.

Certain things are done automatically - the Geographical Search and Variable Filter are applied without needing to click "Apply Filters".